Item of the month: The Pier Bamboo T-Shirt

Fox Wilson's Item of the month: The Pier Bamboo T-Shirt

Our item of the month trophy for October goes to the ever popular Pier T-Shirt. This is an item that we’re seriously proud of and for good reason too. This soft, slim fit cycling top is handmade by our talented tailors in the UK, using eco-friendly and sustainable Bamboo. This beautiful material requires 10% less land for the same yield of cotton and grows in a larger number of environments, making this garment very sustainable. We’ve bonded the seams to cut down on bulk and waste and we have also removed any abrasion points - ensuring optimal comfort at all times. Bamboo’s hollow microfiber is naturally antibacterial therefore makes perfect performance wear. It is warm, yet breathable - suitable for all seasons and conditions. We have ensured, as always, to include our signature FW logo in sophisticated black reflective fabric.

(The Women's Cromwell T-Shirt is also available)

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