Cyclist wearing the black Fox Wilson Fulham Jodpers holding his Orro Bike

Item of the Month: Fulham Jodhpurs

A while back, when we started to think about adding to our casual cycle wear collection, a pair of women's urban cycling trousers was at the forefront of our minds. They needed to be extremely comfortable when riding, but look and feel just as great off the pedals. The Fulham Jodhpurs have been created with special compression fabric, helping blood flow around parts of the lower body that are actively used when cycling. This and the reinforced seat we’ve incorporated make for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride, helping to avoid cramps and irritation. The ergonomic cutting across the legs allow for a full range of movement on and off the bike. The quality of the fabric we’ve used is second to none and is water resistant, stain resistant and quick drying - perfect for those rainy commutes to work! Handmade in Italy, these are an item you’ll definitely want to add to your cycling clothing collection.


The Fulham come in classic black and looks great paired with our Cromwell T-shirt in black, white or deep purple. Make sure to check out our size chart before purchasing to make sure you get the perfect fit!