Green hills of the South Downs


Reconnecting with the environment is a huge part of the cycling world and it is with this concept that we created the Fox Wilson urban cyclist clothing collection. Not only did we want to push the boundaries with what could be achieved in terms of style with performance fabrics and cutting edge construction methods, we also wanted to push the boundaries of sustainability. 

By taking time to research into alternative methods of construction and textiles we have managed to create an urban bike clothing collection that is as ecological as it is ground breaking.
Through the use of sustainable fabrics like Bamboo in our T’s and Vests, to BlueSign approved Chlorine free dye’s in our Knits, we are committed to offering you the most sustainable product we can. From reduced waste in the X-Knitting process, ActiveSilver coatings resulting in fewer washes to our UK based production to reduce shipping, all of these factors have a large overall effect on reducing harm to the environment.