Hand sewing a button on fox wilson jacket

Handmade In England

At Fox Wilson, we are dedicated to creating not only the highest performing urban and leisure cycle wear but also that the garments are finished to the highest standard. It is with this goal in mind that we started searching for the finest manufacturers in the UK to create our exquisite range of urban cycling clothing. England has a long history in clothing manufacturing, with generations of knowledge and highly skilled artisan producers, that we have carefully selected to create some of the finest cycle gear available. Producing garments in the UK has many advantages aside from the passionate people that help create our stylish cycling clothing, it also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by not having to ship fabric and garments from around the world. All of these little details add up to create something that is intrinsically British and filled with details that are inherent to Fox Wilson and that we know you will notice as soon as you wear our garments.