• Technology

    Each garment in the Fox Wilson collection has been designed from the fibre up to guarantee that our innovative ideas can be fully realised to create the most comfortable and highest performing cycling clothes on the market. We have searched the earth looking for the finest performance fabrics that offer the perfect balance of form and function; This even led us to creating our own.

  • Sustainability

    Reconnecting with the environment is a huge part of the cycling world and it is with this concept that we created the Fox Wilson clothing collection. Not only did we want to push the boundaries with what could be achieved in terms of style with performance fabrics and cutting edge construction methods, we also wanted to push the boundaries of sus

  • Handmade In England

    At Fox Wilson we are dedicated to creating not only the highest performing urban and leisure cycle wear but also that the garments are finished to the highest standard. It is with this goal in mind that we started searching for the finest manufacturers in the UK.